We’re committed to keeping people safe

20 August 2021

At Medline, not only do we have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for our more than 300-strong workforce in Australia and New Zealand – many of whom live and work in Western Sydney – but we also have a responsibility to ensure we continue to safely supply Medline products to our customers who rely on us.

That’s why Medline Australia is mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all employees across Australia by 1 December.

The decision to mandate vaccinations follows a number of Medline employees in Marsden Park who tested positive for COVID-19 in August, the first cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Following this, the affected area was deep cleaned and all staff within the contained section were sent home to self-isolate in accordance with NSW Health. After a very short period, Medline returned to being fully operational after working closely with NSW Health, and as of today all Medline sites remain open for deliveries as usual.

From Medline Australia Managing Director, Alex Thompson, “Given the location of our office, manufacturing and distribution facility in Marsden Park – in the heart of Sydney’s west – having positive COVID cases amongst our employees was always possible. First and foremost, we’re supporting our employees and wish them a speedy recovery. Thankfully, transmission was outside of our facilities and the many COVID safe protocols that we implemented some time ago are working – such as team segregation, regular COVID testing, and more.

But there’s only so much that safety measures can do – and that’s why our leadership team have together made this decision. We know there’s strong evidence in Australia and overseas, that the highest rates of infection have been in areas where vaccination rates are low. Furthermore, nearly all hospitalisations, ICU patients and deaths from COVID-19 are people who are unvaccinated.”

Medline thanks all healthcare workers for the role they play in keeping us safe.

Education Day

On October 16th Medline’s Skin Health Solution team hosted 68 Nurses and Physio’s for an educational day at our office in Marsden Park. The topic of discussion was, ‘Lower Limbs are Different’ and the day was focused on the heel and the prevention of pressure injuries.

Wendy White, an Advanced Practice Nurse and Wound Consultant discussed how prevention is better than a cure, risk factors for the elderly population, Diabetes Food Disease and its increasing cost and burden to the health care industry in Australia. We also heard from Samantha Tate, Senior Podiatrist for Chronic and Complex, Parramatta, Victoria Silvestro, Accredited Dietician, for Chronic and Complex, Mount Druitt. To close out the day, Anne Martin, a yoga teacher did some relaxation and breathing exercises with the group. The day was a success with excellent speakers and very pertinent topics, now planning for 2020!

One Container, One Tree

Medline Australia is excited to announce the launch of our ‘One Container, One Tree’ initiative. We have partnered with a local not-for-profit organisation, Greenfleet and pledged to plant one tree for every one container we import and export. Medline is aware of the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of our products and services and we strive to monitor and manage them to the best of our ability. We observe the precautionary principle by taking a pragmatic approach that balances business needs and the necessity to minimise and avoid harmful impacts where possible. Since January 2019 Medline Australia has planted 381 trees helping to offset 102 tonnes of co₂e.

Vinnies Community Sleepout

With over 116,000 Australians experiencing homelessness, we here at Medline wanted to do our part and get involved with Vinnies Community Sleepout. At the end of August seven Medline employees braved the cold at Western Sydney Uni to ‘sleep rough’ for a night. Armed with little more than a cardboard box the group got a small taste of what it is like for those living without a warm bed every night. Prior to the sleepout fundraising was done throughout the business and over $7,500 was raised to go towards giving a bed to a mother and child for a night, ingredients for nutritious meals, life skill courses and providing a safe haven for those escaping domestic violence. Well done everyone!

Town Hall

In early September Medline Australia held our quarterly town hall meeting. This is a time for the entire business to get together and share major updates happening within the business and recap our past performance. During this time we also recognised a few individuals for hitting significant milestones in their tenure at Medline. Thank you to Lidia Tsirogianis and Jeremy Echegoyen for 5 years of service, Veena Chand, Zahida Rao and Avelina Santos for 15 years of service and Rachel Lay for 20 years of service. We would also like to congratulate Emily Janke on winning an Above & Beyond award.

Warehouse Move in Western Australia

In May of 2019 Medline Australia successfully completed a warehouse move in Perth. Due to changes in the business environment the move needed to be planned and executed in just 6 weeks’ time. Thanks to all the hard work from each department the move was completed in 7 days, going fully operational 15th May 2019 with no impact to our customer’s deliveries.

Warehouse Move in Darwin

Since acquiring Territory Surgical Supplies back in 2018 Medline has been looking for opportunities to help them reach their full potential, and with a warehouse at over 95% capacity it was time for an upgrade. Medline has invested in a new warehouse in East Arm going from 250 pallet spaces to 900 pallet spaces. The new warehouse is outfitted with a dedicated cool room, offices, meeting/training room and indoor lunch room. The move was seamless with all staff being able to log on to phones and computers from day 1 and there were no delivery interruptions to our customers.

Training Through Collaboration

Members of Medline’s Theatre Solution team organised a simulation of an operation set up using Medline’s craniotomy custom pack. The demo was attended by over 70 of our manufacturing employees. The purpose of this experience was to demonstrate the clinical need for the packs to be arranged, wrapped and packed as they are, as well as offering insights into the use of pack components. In return the Manufacturing team invited the Theatre Solutions team to the clean room to observe the pack making process, highlighting the focus, accuracy and skill needed to create the packs. This was a great example of two departments collaborating and in so gaining a deeper appreciation for one another..